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Do You Have Destination Addiction?

  Just keep your eye on the prize! What are your goals for this year? How about — I want to lose 10 pounds by Christmas? I need to sell 20 houses this year. Or, I have to make $100,000 this year. Our lists of goals and destinations are endless.. We are a goal fixated society,…

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Sharing My Secret Magic Wand!

We’re not talking fairytales here – but I am talking about creating magic. You can do it, too. This magic wand is a pen. It’s not just any old pen. It’s a pen with a point that feels really good when it rolls the ink onto a page – like the page of a journal. Journal?!…

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Where are the Answers?

It might be fun this week to talk about something we can go for instead of something to give up and go away from. Maybe here we would also find the secret to getting the best answers to our questions. For several weeks I’ve been writing about ending the addiction to thinking.  And yet, we…

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What’s the name of your favorite pet?

We’ve all had at least one favorite pet that we just love to talk about when someone asks us this question. We answer fondly with its name, and love to tell stories and share the memories of our pet that seem always to be fresh in our mind. For most of us it is probably…

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