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“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new world, and I’m Feelin’ Good.” I love this song! But then, why wouldn’t I, since I believe it would be a challenge to find anything more important than Feelin’ Good? There might be some might who say this sounds selfish – that life should…

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Are You Comparing and Should-ing?

Ever find yourself feeling the agony of comparing yourself to someone else and their success and judging yourself as less than? Of course — you’re a human on planet earth. Until we start listening to our inner conversations and stop the debilitating dialogue, Comparing and Should-ing is what we do. How about a new perspective…

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Mother Love

Are you being a good mother – to you? Most of us don’t ever think about or even consider being a mother to ourselves – just might be a good thing to remember to do. I wrote about this in “Who’s Pulling My Strings,” but like so many things, I find I often forget the…

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How do you know if you are Authentic?

What a question! I had to ask myself this after reading an article on EQ (emotional intelligence), which was actually a discussion on what it means to be genuine – or as I like to call it, being authentic. It was written by Travis Bradberry,  co-founder of  TalentSmart, and co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0. It’s not…

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How Do I Know What Love Is?

Since it’s Valentine’s Day this Wednesday, it must be the ideal time to muse on the subject of love. So let me ask you – what would you tell me if I asked for your definition of love? Everyone’s going to say something a little different because the meanings are based on our perceptions of…

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Lights — the Gift of the Season

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you think of Christmas? I asked myself this question as I was trying to come up with something meaningful to blog about on Christmas Eve – curious to hear what I would say. Well, of course there wasn’t just one word – there’s parties and…

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Weapons of Mass Destruction — or Creation?

  Don’t you just hate it when you’re sailing along feeling like you are quite healed and enlightened when an event or words suddenly occur and you find yourself in extreme reaction? It feels like a Weapon of Mass Destruction has descended on your calm and peaceful existence. Well, that’s how I felt recently when…

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What’s In It For Me?

“Your first blog should be about what motivated you to write the book,” said my publicist. This made sense to me since, upon hearing I had written a book, most people asked me my motivation for writing it. Now I’m thinking the most important question is, “what am I going to get out of reading…

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