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Hay House Interview finally happening!

My Hay House Internet Radio interview is finally going to air! I am inviting you to listen to it. It’s short – less than 10 minutes. Tune in this Friday, February 1, at 1pm PST – 2pm AZ time. Here’s the link: Hay House Internet Radio Interview They told me it would air in 4…

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The Art of Listening to Myself

  What I really want to talk with you about is Self Talk. But before we can become a master of our Self Talk  we need to learn the Art of Listening. Here’s why. We have 50 – 60,0000 thoughts a day. Add to that the fact that 80% of our mind/thinking is below the conscious…

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Unexpected Gift Brings Huge Lessons

It was 1983 when I first heard myself say, “I want to be authentic.” At the time I didn’t even know what being authentic meant or what had motivated me to say these words. Now, looking back over these 35 years, it is crystal clear – my inner voice, the voice of Source, was speaking…

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Making a turn-around

They say you teach best what you most need to learn – and I believe this is true. Well, in the last couple of days this lesson showed up so close in my face that I couldn’t help but see it. The clarity in the lesson is so obvious that I am amazed at how…

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What’s In It For Me?

“Your first blog should be about what motivated you to write the book,” said my publicist. This made sense to me since, upon hearing I had written a book, most people asked me my motivation for writing it. Now I’m thinking the most important question is, “what am I going to get out of reading…

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