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Hay House Interview finally happening!

My Hay House Internet Radio interview is finally going to air! I am inviting you to listen to it. It’s short – less than 10 minutes. Tune in this Friday, February 1, at 1pm PST – 2pm AZ time. Here’s the link: Hay House Internet Radio Interview They told me it would air in 4…

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When I wrote last week’s blog about Comparing and Should-ing, I knew there was a Paul Harvey. . . the rest of the story moment that is so rich it needed to be a stand alone blog. It’s all about how we relate and communicate with each other. I’m calling it the comparison syndrome. We all…

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It’s About You — Not Me

My head is still spinning from something I learned this week. This is huge, so of course I have to share it with you. Besides, I know this is a behavior we all have in varying degrees. For years I have been doing something that I thought gave me mastery at building rapport with people.…

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